Braeburn Introduces BlueLink Smart Connect® Wi-Fi and Wireless Thermostats

Montgomery Illinois, January 26, 2015 - Braeburn Systems LLC is pleased to announce our new Smart Wi-Fi Universal Thermostat and Universal Wireless Thermostat Kit along with a complete line of Wireless Remote Sensors.  

"We are extremely excited to be introducing one of the easiest to use, most comprehensive Wi-Fi and Wireless products on the market today," says Robert Rados, Product Manager at Braeburn Systems LLC. "Our new BlueLink Smart Connect products were designed to incorporate all the high-end features found in our current thermostats with the addition of wireless and Wi-Fi capabilities".

"Our free BlueLink Smart Connect Wi-Fi application controls nearly all thermostat features from anywhere with a smartphone, tablet or PC," quoted Glenn Moore, President and CEO of Braeburn Systems LLC.  "combine our competitive price point and features, BlueLink Smart Connect products are the new value alternative for Wi-Fi and wireless thermostats."

Designed for residential, commercial or institutional applications, dealers will now be able to install a high quality Wi-Fi or Wireless Braeburn thermostat at a lower cost than many competitors’ models.

  • Model 7320 Smart Wi-Fi Universal Thermostat – Compatible with conventional and heat pump systems up to 3H / 2C.  Optional Wi-Fi control via smartphone, tablet of PC using free BlueLink Smart Connect Application.  Compatible with Braeburn wireless or wired remote sensors.
  • Model 7500 Universal Wireless Thermostat Kit – Compatible with conventional and heat pump systems up to 3H / 2C.  Kit includes programmable thermostat, control module and supply air sensor.  Compatible with Braeburn wireless or wired remote sensors.
  • Model 7390, 7490 and 7330 Wireless Remote Sensors – Wireless Indoor, outdoor and humidity sensors for use with all BlueLink Smart Connect thermostats.
  • Model 7340 Share-a-Wire Module – For use with model 7320 Smart Wi-Fi thermostat, the Share-a-Wire module allows 5 wire applications to use only 4 wires.
  • Braeburn Warranty and Technical Support You Have Grown to Trust – Five year warranty on all BlueLink Smart Connect products and award winning technical support is just a phone call away at our Montgomery, Illinois Headquarters.

Braeburn Systems LLC is a manufacturer of digital electronic and electro-mechanical thermostats, zoning systems and accessories, air filtration, and humidification products. For more information on Braeburn products, contact your local sales representative or distributor or call our sales department at 866.268.5599.